Government Relations (GR)



Proposed Legislative Initiatives

We are literally reshaping the country by developing transformative reforms


Areas of Expertise

  • Drafting new legislation
  • Monitoring, analyzing, and providing commentary on legislative changes
  • Advocating for clients’ interests in interactions with government agencies
  • Defending the interests of public officials
  • Representing government bodies and local authorities



Ario Law Firm partners have spearheaded the development and implementation of significant legal reforms, including reforms in the judiciary, enforcement of court decisions, bankruptcy, and corporate legislation.

Our team at Ario Law Firm has devised a regional framework for the State Customs Service and proposed amendments to the Customs Code of Ukraine. Additionally, our legal experts provide crucial support to a joint project between the British Embassy and the Kyiv School of Economics, aimed at establishing a comprehensive and centralized approach to supporting small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine through the Agency for Support and Development of Small and Medium Business.

Our attorneys actively contribute to the policymaking process by participating in working groups tasked with developing new legislation. Notably, Senior Partner Julian Khorunzhiy has played a key role in developing a Eurointegration bill that introduces the mechanism of preventive restructuring into Ukrainian law.


Practice Areas

  • Judicial Enforcement
  • Insolvency and Restructuring
  • Corporate Law
  • Commercial Law

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