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Chambers Europe 2022 acknowledges Ario Law Firm and its partners


Criminal Law and White Collar Crime

21 March 2022

The esteemed and highly regarded international legal ranking Chambers Europe 2022 recognizes Ario Law Firm as a leader in the "Restructuring/Insolvency Practice in Ukraine". This year, Ario Law Firm has also earned accolades from the ranking authorities in the "Dispute Resolution: White-Collar Crime in Ukraine" practice area. Furthermore, Chambers Europe 2022 acknowledges two partners of Ario Law Firm as top-tier lawyers in Ukraine: Yuliana Khorunzhaya in the "Restructuring/Insolvency Practice in Ukraine" and Yevhen Hrushovets in the "Dispute Resolution: White-Collar Crime in Ukraine" practice.

As per the findings of Chambers Europe, Ario Law Firm is recognized for its expertise in the field of insolvency and bankruptcy practices. "The firm also offers support in debt restructuring matters. Furthermore, Ario Law Firm represents clients in litigation pertaining to bankruptcy and liquidation, including criminal proceedings. The team caters to clients across a diverse range of sectors... One client attests: 'The team has consistently showcased their competence, deep commitment to the case, and an innovative approach to problem-solving,'" the publication notes.

In reference to the partner specializing in restructuring and bankruptcy practice, Chambers Europe notes: "Julian Khorunzhiy provides counsel on restructuring and insolvency cases, along with debt recovery, representing the interests of both companies and private individuals".

White-Collar Crime

Chambers Europe's research highlights that Ario Law Firm has secured its position in the White-Collar Crime rankings thanks to strong market feedback. "The firm boasts a solid reputation in the realm of white-collar crime, encompassing representation and advocacy for political figures and businesses alike. The team demonstrates proficiency in addressing cross-border matters necessitating international collaboration," states Chambers Europe.

Regarding partner Yevhen Hrushovets, the ranking authorities note: "Yevhen Hrushovets has risen in the rankings due to strong market feedback. He is widely recognized for his handling of diverse cases in the field of white-collar crime, advocating for the interests of both businesses and high-ranking officials. 'He is effective,' says a source".