Medical Law



Types of services in the field of medical law.

In the course of their activities, every medical facility encounters a myriad of legal challenges that require daily resolution. We’re here to help.


Areas of Expertise

  • Implementation of systematic planning, monitoring, and electronic reporting systems for healthcare facilities.
  • Cultivating an organizational culture within the institution.
  • Regulating new procedures for staff recruitment, monitoring, and motivation, including competitive processes.
  • Standardizing internal procedures within supervisory and advisory boards, integrating them into internal workflows.
  • Introduction of legal mechanisms for outsourcing specific functions of the healthcare institution.
  • Integration of new financial tools such as terminals and online payment platforms.
  • Establishment of legal frameworks for expanding/introducing paid services.
  • Legal audit focusing on patient safety.
  • Legal regulation of online medical assistance provision.
  • Audit of safety conditions for medical personnel.
  • Implementation of legal procedures for medical tourism, international collaboration, and scientific partnerships.
  • Representation in courts and interactions with regulatory authorities.
  • Legal audit of charitable and other forms of assistance, along with a legal assessment of expanding financial resources.



We specialize in advocating for the interests of medical institutions and private practitioners. Led by Zoryana Skaletska, a partner at Ario Law Firm and former Minister of Health (2019-2020), our team provides comprehensive legal and consulting solutions. This empowers our clients to operate effectively and within the bounds of the law, resolving challenges successfully and preemptively addressing future issues.



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Medical Law