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Zoriana Skaletska, former Minister of Health, is joining the partnership at Ario Law Firm. She will be focusing on advancing the practice of healthcare law


Medical Law

28 January 2022

Ario Law Firm is unveiling its healthcare law practice, with Zoriana Skaletska at the helm. Skaletska, who served as Minister of Health from 2019 to 2020, brings her expertise as an associate professor at the Department of International and European Law at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and her background as a healthcare law attorney.

"We are thrilled to have Zoriana Skaletska join our team of 'legal doctors' who possess the skill to accurately diagnose and devise healing defense strategies, execute the most intricate legal operations, and revive even the most seemingly hopeless cases, providing relief during the most challenging crises. The experience and expertise of our new partner are highly esteemed by both our Ukrainian and international colleagues," said Oleksiy Voronko, Managing Partner of Ario Law Firm.

"Ario Law Firm is evolving, expanding, and redefining its strategy, position, and mission in the country's legal landscape. By considering client demands and industry trends, we consistently explore new avenues and assemble our dream team, which is the bedrock of our success. Zoriana brings extensive practical experience in representing and providing legal services to healthcare facilities, doctors, and patients, which, personally for us, is one of the most crucial criteria," remarked Julian Khorunzhiy, Senior Partner at Ario Law Firm.

Zoryana Skalecka has drawn from her extensive experience as a practicing lawyer, an expert in international projects, government relations, and her tenure as Minister of Health to recognize a concerning reality: the medical community in Ukraine often lacks the necessary legal understanding, ultimately affecting the quality of healthcare services nationwide.

"Medical professionals and those affiliated with the field frequently struggle to grasp the extent of their responsibilities for a variety of reasons. These include the ever-changing legislative landscape, ineffective communication from regulatory bodies, time constraints, process automation, staffing shortages, and more," explained Zoryana Skalecka, Partner at Ario Law Firm. "The role of a healthcare law specialist is to address these deficiencies. Given the ongoing regulatory changes, it's crucial to monitor and assist in their implementation. Throughout my career, I've been committed to improving the legal knowledge of the medical community. This mission is what led me to join Ario Law Firm."

She shared that during the initial phases of launching the new practice, the primary focus will be on developing key areas tailored to healthcare institutions:

  • Administrative and managerial decision-making;
  • Human resources management;
  • Civil law considerations;
  • Financial planning;
  • Risk management.

"We have already assembled packages of legal services ready to be offered to healthcare establishments. These packages encompass the development of strategies, procedures, and policies aimed at ensuring the delivery of high-quality medical services, as well as representing the interests of physicians and healthcare institutions in legal proceedings and interactions with regulatory authorities, providing training for medical staff, and much more. The scope of these services will continue to expand," Zoryana Skalecka conveyed.