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Rock the Future. Ario Law Firm presents its brand-new corporate website


01 May 2024

We had plans to do this back in 2022. However, with the full-scale Russian invasion, it simply wasn't the appropriate time. Later, we realized that waiting for the 'perfect moment' was prolonging things unnecessarily, and there couldn't be a better time than the present. And so, six months from the initial idea of 'we need a new website' to its launch, we are thrilled to present what we believe is one of the top corporate web resources in the legal market:

Design and development were spearheaded by: project art director and web designer Irina Grytsai, web designer Anna Tashkinova. Handling both front and back-end development of the project was Igor Veremskyi.Contributors to the visual elements:

  • Photography - Aliona Timchenko
  • Styling and assistance - Sofia Yakovchuk

First and foremost, the team

Ario Law Firm underwent significant professional transformations before to the outbreak of the major conflict. We were actively and swiftly advancing in both project quality and recognition. To prevent falling prey to the "rapid growth effect" and to ensure that the team's evolution process was organic and seamless, strategic sessions were conducted over several months with the assistance of external consultants. Undoubtedly, during the full-scale war, like any Ukrainian business, we also experienced certain shifts in values and moral-ethical considerations.

At Ario Law Firm, it's about people first and foremost. It's about the team and the clients. We aimed to demonstrate that behind the conventional suits and ties are individuals, and in truly friendly environments, professional and personal lives often intertwine.

Rock the Future with the Rule of Law  

At the heart of Ario's values, standing tall on the highest pedestal, are the opportunities we create for clients, society, and the state. Our passion, ideas, creativity, openness, and adaptability to change; our love for the law and hunger for justice – all encapsulated in the succinct slogan "Rock the Future with the Rule of Law."

We didn't even seek Ukrainian counterparts because Ario Law Firm's philosophy embodies this "Rock" spirit: from Ivan Franko's "strike this rock" to Queen's "we will rock you."

We've never shied away from change; often, we've been the initiators. Ario's lawyers are reshaping our country, crafting reforms that overhaul entire sectors; tackling complex and high-profile cases where many would throw in the towel; and driving crucial public initiatives forward.

Bringing ideas to life and sharing our story through design, our goal was to make the website intuitive, user-friendly, and reflective of our values. Irina Grytsai, the project's art director, played a pivotal role in achieving this vision.

"Our team found immense satisfaction in working on this project! Right from our initial meeting, where we delved into Ario's values, philosophy, and approach, it was clear that we were on the same page, driven by professionalism, trust, and ambition. We recognized the need for unconventional approaches and unique design that resonates with the team's professional style and individual qualities. This enabled us to implement bold, dynamic, yet easily understandable visual solutions on the website, effectively telling the story of the company and the remarkable individuals driving positive change in our society and country. We aimed to balance the industry's formal nature with a fresh and creative touch, utilizing modern technologies and design trends to craft a sleek and functional interface. Through our collaborative approach, we succeeded in creating a website that meets the needs and expectations of modern lawyers and stands out as a leader, particularly in Ukraine. It was an exhilarating process that underscored the power of creativity and professionalism!" she said.