Tax Law

Tax Law

About the team and achievements

  • Ario Law Firm lawyers who practice tax law have certificates of tax consultants
  • Our lawyers are involved in the development of the tax legislative
  • Our lawyers are the members of the Public Council at State Tax Service of Ukraine
  • Our lawyers are the members of the Board of the Committee on Tax and Customs Law of Ukrainian Bar Association

What can we do

  • We protect your business at any stage: we will help to avoid both future misunderstandings with taxpayers, and we will promptly solve already existing problems
  • We constantly analyze and apply the entire legal tax arsenal. This allows us to predict the future of your business
  • We plan your tax policy to minimize the negative impact on the economic activity of relations with the tax
  • We inform you about all changes in tax legislation that may affect your business
  • We apply to the State Fiscal Service on your behalf
  • We provide clarification on the practical application of laws and regulations
  • We have a wide range of partners – specialists in matters requiring special knowledge (auditors, valuation entities, economic experts, etc.)
  • Our specialists are independent of the controlling bodies
  • Ready to go to protect your business 24/7 in the case of tax inspections, searches
  • We have a staff of specialized employees who are ready to perform any of your tasks regarding the company’s tax policy.
  • We provide unique tax advice for businesses that are in bankruptcy proceedings

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