The Legal 500: EMEA2020 recognizes Ario Law Firm

The Legal 500: EMEA2020 recognizes Ario Law Firm

One of the most authoritative international rankings, The Legal 500: Europe, Middle East & Africa 2020 has recognized Ario Law Firm in the practices of White-Collar Crime and Dispute Resolution.

Ario Law Firm fields a team that is ‘creative and has excellent knowledge‘. Yevhen Hrushovets and Julian Khorunzhyi jointly lead the practice which has ‘high ethical standards and transparency’, as well as extensive experience in the defence of criminal cases. Its recent work includes the successful representation of public figures including mayors of Lviv, Mykolayv and Skadovsk, a Kazakh journalist and a Moldovan opposition party member”,- The Legal 500 notes.

And provides clients` feedback:

The firm is known for its efficiency and its non-standard approach. In most cases, we get a positive result.


Regarding the activities of the Ario Law Firm team in the field of dispute resolution The Legal 500 notes:

Ario Law Firm has ‘creative team of hard workers and great strategists‘. Managing partner Oleksii Voronko and senior partner Julian Khorunzhyi lead a practice that protects businesses and high-net-worth individuals from the illegal acts of third parties. They have successfully represented public figures including the mayors of Lviv, Mykolayv and Skadovsk. The team also acts for a range of corporate clients, among which are Electronic Auctions of Ukraine and Avtodom”, – The Legal 500 notes.

Clients` feedback:

The team has excellent communication skills. They are always ready for court hearings, and they will solve your problem effectively.

creative team of hard workers and great strategists.

In cooperation with Ario Law Firm, I saw team spirit, the collaboration of practices, deep expertise, and understanding of all sides of the problem.

They are flexible, they all have good communication skills, and they are the real experts.

Ario Law Firm demonstrates a highly systematic approach to generating any legal solution. They have deep knowledge in different legal fields, covering both Ukrainian and foreign legislation. Ario is involved in legal process development at the state level.

This practice helps us to get a detailed analysis of issues with several solutions and to get unified consultation and then apply this legal opinion in a number of countries, as we are an international company. Also, the decision on any legal issue is made not by one specialist, but by the whole team. That is a very important fact, especially in the development of complex legal opinions and decisions. Ario has an excellent professional team.

The desire to understand problematic issues, an informal approach to resolving issues and accessibility 24/7 makes it possible to respond quickly to risks and problems. This is important for us since the central office is located in the US and the time difference is significant. They provide professionalism, orientation in different legislative fields, and deep systematic analysis. They are very responsive. I had a great experience with Julian Khorunzhyi, and I was very much impressed by his professionalism, ability to explain the legislation in an approachable way, and innovative thinking. 


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