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Ukrainian Law Firms-2016: Ario – 2nd place among the leading firms in “Bankruptcy” practice

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Restructuring and Insolvency

29 July 2016

These results were published in the annual rating “Ukrainian Law Firms: Handbook for Foreign Clients – 2016”, which was organised by “Yuridicheskaya praktika” (Legal Practice), a specialised and reputable newspaper.
“In the past year, the company was one of the most dynamic players in the market being involved in a series of significant and high-profile cases. The largest publicity is connected with the case, within the framework of which Ario represented interests of the State of Ukraine in the process of return of “Ukrburshtyn” state-owned company to governmental control. In this case “Ukrburshtyn” was removed from bankruptcy proceedings, in which the company had been during the last 12 years “, – citation from “Ukrainian Law Firms: Handbook for foreign clients – 2016”.

Apart from the recognition of the entire Firm, Ario’s Senior Partner Julian Khorunzhyi won a personal recognition (third year in a row). He won the first place in the individual rating of leaders in “Bankruptcy” practice. In addition, authors of the rating included Ario’s Partner Mrs. Iryna Serbin to the list of notable lawyers of the “Bankruptcy” practice.