Tetiana Melnyk


Criminal Law and White Collar Crime


Tetiana Melnyk specializes in anti-corruption and criminal law practices, White-Collar Crime, and business defense. With a background in investigative work, her experience in law enforcement enables her to approach clients’ tasks comprehensively.

Among the cases Tetiana Melnyk handles are those involving a member of the Ukrainian Parliament across four convocations and former head of the Presidential Administration, Serhiy Pashynsky; the case of the deputy mayor of Mykolaiv, Serhiy Korienev; defense of officials from one of the territorial communities in Lviv region, and many others.

Additionally, Tetiana leads several important Pro Bono cases related to Russian military aggression. For instance, she, along with the Ario Law Firm team, has been involved in documenting war crimes committed by the Russian army in the de-occupied territory of Kyiv region.


Before joining Ario Law Firm, she held positions in private legal firms and law enforcement agencies. Notably, she served as an investigator for three years.


She is graduate of Yaroslav Mudryi National Law Academy, holding a Master’s degree in Law.


  • Member of Ukrainian Bar Association
  • Member of European Business Association.


  • Criminal Law and White-Collar Crime (WCC)
  • Business Protection
  • Anti-Corruption Practice