Anton Didenko

Senior Associate. Attorney-at-law



Anton Didenko boasts fifteen years of legal expertise, honed through roles in law firms and as an in-house counsel in both corporate and governmental settings. His focus areas include litigation, corporate law, M&A, civil, and commercial law.

Anton is currently a candidate for a judicial position. Within Ario Law Firm, he supports cases such as legal disputes involving Concord Bank and the National Bank of Ukraine, provides representation for officials contesting decisions made by the National Agency on Corruption Prevention, and defends the reputation and integrity of notable politicians and public figures.

Beyond his legal pursuits, Anton actively engages in volunteer work and holds membership in the volunteer organization “Lawyers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” recognized with an award from Chief Commander of the Armed Forces, Valerii Zaluzhnyi, for his contributions.


Before joining Ario Law Firm, he held roles as a lawyer, senior lawyer, and head of the legal department in legal firms. Furthermore, he served as a legal consultant in the public sector and as an assistant consultant to a member of the Ukrainian Parliament.


Has attained a higher education in law. Graduated from the National Transport University with a specialization in “Law,” as well as from the National School of Judges of Ukraine as part of the candidate training course for the position of judge.

Memberships in organizations

  • Member of the Ukrainian Bar Association
  • Member of the European Business Association
  • A member of the volunteer organization ” Lawyers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”


  • Litigation
  • Administrative Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Civil Law